Israel, North, Galilee, Lower Galilee, Masad


  • B&B's breakfast
  • B&B's Jacuzzi
  • B&B's massage option
  • Couple Cabins
  • צימרים רומנטיים

Yaari’s Zimmer

Two units for couples in a romantic place, for couples only!!! All necessary tranquillity you need in one place. Type of Zimmer: Built-in Zimmer Structure: Studio Accessories Air conditioner, massage option, Jacuzzi, breakfast, cable/satellite Yaari's Zimmer The Ya'ari family cabins are located in the Galilee, 5 minutes from the village. In the heart of the Galilee and the peoples, close to many hiking routes and numerous attractions. 2 beautiful accommodation with panoramic windows. Units are only for couples!!! The resort units have a relaxing atmosphere at the entrance to the Zimmer... You have a small kitchenette, a hot tub with large windows, a soft bed and a sitting area... The hospitality is most romantic and certainly secluded from noises... Come and order.

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