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Villa Rose

The luxurious and newly adapted only doubles, with 3 magical resorts, a Jacuzzi and a sauna in the heart of a unit, a pool and all that is needed for a great vacation Type of Zimmer: Built-in Zimmer Structure: Studio Accessories Air conditioner, massage option, pool, sauna, Jacuzzi, breakfast, spa, cable/satellite Villa Rose The complex includes 3 fully equipped cabins- Double bed, orthopedic mattress, satin bedding. LCD screen Bathrobes, slippers, pampering towels. Air conditioning, Cable TV Wireless Internet A seating area A fully equipped kitchen including a coffee maker with a mill for fresh and high-quality coffee. A microwave, fridge, soda machine, cold hot mineral water, a free hot-drinks corner, a toaster, ceramic beer, and utensils. Pampering bathroom: Swedish shower, wet sauna, hairdryer, shampoo, hair conditioner, shower gel. Covered Porch – With a dining area Open terrace-with armchairs and rocking Private Room area – Jacuzzi + Dry Sauna Cozy seating areas, hammock, sun corners A swimming pool There are advanced treatment rooms in the complex, and treatments can be booked in advance. There is a fully equipped kitchen, and you can order breakfast in advance Or a complimentary breakfast set Suitable for the Sabbath guards (synagogue within walking distance) For couples only No animals Allowed Nearby attractions Tours-the Yatir forest is planted forest, and is the largest planted forest in Israel in the southern Hebron Hills, in the Yatir region. The settlements and Beit Yatir are bordered by the east, the village of Yavne from the north, and the settlement is over the south. An amphitheater is built near the water reservoir, which is used by residents of nearby communities. – Distance: 9 km Hikes in the Lahav-forest forest is planted in southern Israel, which is located between the northern Negev and the southern Judean Hills and southern Hebron hills. The forest was planted in 1952 by the Jewish National Fund and its area is 30,000 dunams. The nearby communities are Dvir, Lahav, Lehavim and clusters. Distance 17 miles The Joe Alon Center-central Joe Alon is an educational and tourist center for the knowledge of the country and the Negev, located on the outskirts of the Negev Blade Forest, near the west of kibbutz Lahav. The main publication of the Center for the Bedouin Culture Museum is 17 miles from the Kibbutz Kramim-Paintball, horseback riding, ATV rides, etc. Distance 2 km Be'er Sheva-pubs, restaurants, escape room, shopping malls, cinemas, museums.  16 km Dead Sea-baths, tours,... 60 km Palmachim Beach-National park, bathing area parking lot night 69 km

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