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Villa Fashion

Villa Fashion is located in moshav Shtula in northern Israel. A gap between the seats of the Western Galilee, which is considered especially attractive for recreation of all kinds due to green nature, family-tailored attractions/couples and groups, the beaches within driving distance and the summer weather. This villa offers a five-star holiday guests and gives a taste of the good life. Villa Fashion is in a beautiful pastoral location. Villa Accessories The villa can be found in four designated bedrooms. Each bedroom is designed for couples and includes a double bed King Size, connecting to LCD TV screens, a wide-screen mirror and half the rooms combine a shower and bathroom in the room. The villa's inner hospitality complex is the luxurious living room – where you will find a huge LCD TV with a karaoke kit and a set of movies for guaranteed pleasure in the complex. It also has a large leather seating area and a private pool table. The private pool area of Villa Fashion can be seen next to the living room and within a glance. The villa provides full comforts for a large group of people, so it is equipped with a fully equipped kitchen that comes with a "on the Fire" corner at the villa's courtyard. In the kitchen you can find a coffee machine and a suitable dining area for 15 people. Villa Fashion hosts a group of about 15 people. The villa is adapted to families with children, 4 couples and combos that combine the two. The villa is adapted for hospitality in a traditional and secular atmosphere alike. For the convenience of the users, there is a nearby synagogue and suitable equipment for the Sabbath guards. The villa has notable advantages that enable it throughout the year. The villa features a spa area with a large heated pool-9 m² and a huge pampering jacuzzi. The lush green and gorgeous landscape of the Galilee combined with a large lawn surrounding the villa gives it a pleasant and relaxed feel. Also, do not forget the well-equipped kitchen, the coffee maker, the TV screen and the central living area that provides a common sense of vacation. So if you are looking for a villa that combines nature, prestige, style, comfort and size-Villa Fashion you will be happy to stand at your service!

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