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Vacation Apartment in Bat Hefer

You are invited to stay in the community settlement of Bat Hefer in the valley of the city of 2.5, a new and pleasant apartment with a terrace and a garden, suitable for families, couples and individuals and tourists visiting or working. In addition, the number of vacation apartments in kibbutzim and the seat of Emek Hefer: Kfar Vitkin, Givat Haim Ichud and more. Type of Zimmer: Built-in Zimmer Structure: Separate bedroom Accessories Air-conditioned, children-adapted, breakfast, for animals Vacation Apartment in Bat Hefer In the Community settlement of Bat Hefer in Emek Hefer on Route 6 at the Nitzanei Oz interchange Apartment 2.5 New and spacious With two double beds, a fully equipped kitchenette, a seating area and a balcony and garden. The guest unit is adapted to family, couples and singles for each period. We will be happy to recommend the many attractions, restaurants and nightlife venues in our region. Two minutes from the tropical garden/Utopia. The option to rent two Zimmer is a 10-minute drive from each other. Ten minutes from the event parks of Emek Hefer industrial zone. At bat Hefer you will also have 5 large and spacious rooms for each period and for any purpose. In addition-the bat-Emek Zimmer in the valley settlements, a unique resort in a rustic atmosphere, a new resort with balcony and garden with all necessary: two double beds, a dining area, a seating area, cable TV, Wi-Fi, air-conditioned kitchen, gas-stove, fridge-cooking accessories etc.

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