Israel, North, Galilee, Hosen, Western Galilee


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The sound of Nature

Villa Natural Sound is located in moshav Hosen in northern Israel. Its strength is one of the Western Galilee's seats, which is considered especially attractive for recreation of all types due to green nature, family-tailored attractions/couples and groups, the beaches within driving distance and the summer weather. This villa offers a five-star holiday guests and gives a taste of the good life. Villa Nature's sound is in a beautiful pastoral location. The complex is a large complex that is suitable for wide-scale accommodations and consists of 2 rooms and 3 suites. The complex is suitable for couples, families and groups and all kinds of events. Each suite or bed and breakfast in the complex features a large and orthopedic double bed, a large LCD TV screen with advanced multimedia capabilities. En suite bathroom with cosy plush towels. In addition, a fully equipped kitchenette with serving utensils, a hot drink corner, a fridge and more... It also has a comfortable sitting room and a dining area for guests to benefit from. The villa is adapted for hospitality in a traditional and secular atmosphere alike. For the convenience of the users, there is a nearby synagogue and suitable equipment for the Sabbath guards. The villa has notable advantages that enable it throughout the year. The villa features a spa area with a large heated pool-9 m² and a huge pampering jacuzzi. The lush green and gorgeous landscape of the Galilee combined with a large lawn surrounding the villa gives it a pleasant and relaxed feel. Also, do not forget the well-equipped kitchen, the coffee maker, the TV screen and the central living area that provides a common sense of vacation. So if you are looking for a villa that combines nature, prestige, style, comfort and the size of a natural sound, you will be delighted to stand at your service! Arrangements can be arranged in advance for special occasions. Breakfast (gluten-free breakfasts also), kosher food.

Prices (in ILS)

אמצע"ש 400 ₪ סופ"ש 550 ₪

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