Israel, North, Golan Heights, Ortal


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The northern landscape-ortal

At Kibbutz Ortal on the Golan Heights, the "Northern landscape" resort-wooden cabins and a rustic hospitality area housed in an amazing thick forest. Type of Zimmer: Built-in cottage, wooden cabin Zimmer Structure: Separate bedroom, studio Accessories Air conditioner, suitable for children, massage, jacuzzi, breakfast, cable/satellite Scandinavian Wooden Cabins Scandinavian wooden cabins, planted in a thick natural thicket, like the graceful spots in a green rug and flowering, and this is just the beginning of the Swiss-flavor European experience waiting for us in the "La Chalet/". The cabin, like the first look inward, invites us to a rural experience, as in the European wooden cabins, located in small villages, on the road, between the grazing of cows, the mountain scenery, the valleys and the flowing water-streams, another world that keeps us thousands of miles from the daily noise. A romantic and inviting atmosphere to stay here and not come out at all... In the living room, a comfortable sofa sitting area, an LCD TV, Internet connection to wires and a burning fireplace in the winter months that distributes a pleasant fragrance and warmth, all over the... (* Depends on the decision of the site, depending on the weather). In the center, a huge round wooden hot tub, where you can move a romantic evening with fragrant oils, in light of the lit candles. Pleasant, white bathrobes await you in the hut. The bedroom has a high sloping roof, and a large, big, hand-made bed of massive mahogany, a high-quality hand-crafted carpenter from the kibbutz artist. Guestrooms "North View/" a complex consisting of 42 family rooms with satellite TV, a mini fridge and a hot beverage corner. Each room has a double bed (2 connected beds) and an extra single bed. A number of guest rooms are suitable for disabled, according to the required standards. In the center of the complex is a lush green lawn, offering the option to barbecue with the family or friends. A rich and varied breakfast is served for the rustic accommodation in a spacious, new, well-invested dining room that contains up to 300 people, including vegetable pallets and a rich selection of salads, some types of cheeses, omelettes or boiled eggs, tuna, hot and crispy burges (Saturday), olives, fresh bread, fresh orange juice and corn flakes. , Delicacies and more.

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