Israel, North, Galilee, Liman, Western Galilee


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  • Couple Cabins
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  • Handicap Access
  • Wooden Cabins

The mango huts

 Hospitality-The mango huts in moshav Lehman in the Western Galilee, Lehman is located on the amazing beaches in the north of the country – just close to the site. We enjoy 10 affordable accommodation units.Type of Zimmer: Wooden Chalet Zimmer Structure: Gallery, separate bedroom, studio Accessories Air conditioner, children's choice, massage, pool, jacuzzi, breakfast, cable/satellite The mango huts Yeshuv-Western Galilee The mango huts enjoy rustic hospitality, which includes breakfast! In the summer months you will enjoy the free entrance to the swimming pool in the near community! We are within walking distance of the sea-our beaches from the most beautiful in the country! 10 Cabins for Realization of dreams: 3 Romantic Studio Units for couples: With a romantic and pampering Jacuzzi, large bed, air conditioning, fully equipped kitchenette, cable TV, D.V. D 4 family units, suitable for up to 8 persons per unit: With a large, spacious rooftop attic: air conditioner, double bed and 3 extra beds In the hut downstairs you'll crumble: In a spacious bedroom, spacious living room, cable TV D.V. D, pampering jacuzzi in the shower room... 3 Units for couples if possible up to 3 children: With a large bed, pampering and romantic Jacuzzi, fully equipped kitchenette, cable TV, D.V. D, spacious living room. What else??? -Each unit has the option of getting a baby coop. -You can order a complimentary breakfast. -Each Zimmer has a terrace with a green lawn area and a BBQ corner. -We have a choice for bachelor/bachelorette Parties by appointment of course. Enjoy the mango huts-moshav Lehman

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