Israel, North, Poria, Sea of Galilee


  • B&B's Jacuzzi
  • B&B's private pool
  • Couple Cabins
  • צימרים רומנטיים

The lake view Cabins at Poria

View cabins in a fertile settlement in the Jordan Valley. A city overlooking the landscape of the beautiful Sea of Galilee, the Jordan Valley and the Golan Heights that are reflected in different directions to the cabin. All of these in the green and outdoors combination provide a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere. There are 3 cabins and 2 suites in the prestigious complex. Around it is an expansive green lawn, benches overlooking the landscape, and BBQ and seating areas. In this complex you can find a spa area with a pool and a large, pampering spa Jacuzzi. Each villa has WIFI and as part of our treats, you get a bottle of wine and gift. As part of the service, various types of massages and livelihoods treatments can be reserved in advance. Breakfast is arranged in advance. Please note that audio systems must not be activated or smoked inside the internal compounds.

Prices (in ILS)

אמצע"ש 550 ₪ סופ"ש 700 ₪

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