Rosenfeld Gallery

Rosenfeld Gallery was founded by Eliezer Rosenfeld in 1952. The gallery becomes one of the most prominent exhibition spaces in the local art scene. The artists in its represented ranks, have flourished under its wing, becoming the cream of Israeli artists. By the 1970s the gallery had become a prestigious institution with a rich history and a fine reputation, holding an impressive private collection. Since 1995 it has been owned and directed by Zaki Rosenfeld.

Renovated in 1999, the gallery was expanded and transformed into a three-story display space. Since then it has changed its orientation, focusing increasingly on contemporary art and on spotting new talent. The gallery represents an impressive roster of artists, up-and-coming alongside more established, eminent names.

In addition to fostering and promoting a stable of cutting-edge talent, the gallery is also involved in other intriguing projects in several media. Together, all these initiatives and ventures make the Rosenfeld Gallery a must-see, a worthwhile stop on the local gallery circuit and one of the brightest spots on the Israeli art map.

Visiting Information

Tel Aviv
147 Dizengoff, Tel Aviv Israel 63461
Visiting Hours:
Tues-Thur 12-19
Fri 11-14
Sat 11-13
Mon by appointment
Tel: 972-3-5229044