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Romantic Orchard

In the heart of the Jerusalem Ein Kerem neighborhood. Wooden cabins between fruit-trees, and are designed for those seeking romance, solitude in nature and stunning views of the Judean mountains. Type of Zimmer: Wooden Chalet Zimmer Structure: Studio Accessories Air conditioner, massage option, Jacuzzi, breakfast, cable/satellite Operations 2 nights per couple weekdays at 990 NIS/incl Breakfast Romantic Orchard In one of the largest and most beautiful orchards in the center of Ein Kerem, on the hill next to the Church of St. John the Baptist, you will be held in special wooden cabins in the heart of nature surrounded by fruit trees and overlooking the river Sorek and the Judean Mountains. The Chalet John the Baptist, built of natural pine, is designed for a couple who seek romance, nature, the Tabdhut, bird-chirping and rural scenery. The Princess Shlomit Lodge a large and spacious cabin with a double Jacuzzi and a view of the Judean Mountains and Nahal Sorek. The chalet is designed for a couple looking for romance, Nature and solitude with a bird-watching and rural scenery. Spending time in one of our expectations is like visiting one of the picturesque villages of Toskana. Not for nothing, choose many painters and artists to live in the place. Not for nothing. A million pilgrims are created for a year for the churches of Ein Kerem, not for a few hundred thousand Israelis annually, especially on weekends to spend in the charming place. The picturesque nature of the village Ein Kerem in Jerusalem, the Muslim and Christian Jewish history that was left to mark the ancient stone houses in churches, monasteries, the agricultural stone terraces, in a mosque above the holy spring. The turbulent nightlife in the small bars, French and Italian gourmet meals alongside the eastern food at the village restaurants, all of which turned Ein Kerem into one of Israel's most prominent tourist sites.

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