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Olive Trail

Pleasant and luxurious wooden cabins to the landscape of mountain and green orchards, facing the sea and Grottoes, a wonderful swimming pool between the sea and the sea. Roses, candles, a fine breakfast served in the cabin at your convenience. Our guests, peace and privacy... 0544-634423 Type of Zimmer: Wooden Chalet Zimmer Structure: Separate bedroom, studio Accessories Air conditioner, children's choice, massage, pool, jacuzzi, breakfast, cable/satellite Operations In the village of Lehman, in the Zimmer for couples facing the sea, to the spaces of mountain and green orchards, invested and cultivated, 054-4634423In the village of Lehman, opposite Sea Achziv and the Galilee Mountains, in the heart of a green orchard are 2 pampering and romantic wooden cabins with full privacy, fully equipped, and well-tended for couples/families. A lawn yard, a sitting area, a large pergola and a spice garden. To our guests, a warm personal attitude, peace and quiet. Show less information For the olive-village of Lehman Zimmer for the Olive-Zion A in the ranking of tourist industry -Reliability Service and cleanliness * Bed and Breakfast in a magazine/"de-marker" for business in Israel * * To our guests, enter a great swimming pool between mountains and sea. A tractor ride with a big wagon on the whole village... Enjoyable and experienced in all fields. Lehman Family and couples. Between the Abuadoo and Michal... There are 2 pampering and well-equipped cabins. Accommodates couples and families up to 2 children. Seeking peace, tranquility and warm personal attention You are sitting in the heart of the trees in the pergola. Fruit passion is curling around the cabin, the scent of citrus and avocado in the air In a magical atmosphere you can enjoy a rich and good rustic breakfast. You are welcome to celebrate with us what you desire Marriage proposals, birthdays, etc. Holistic and medical-Swedish massage can be booked in the cabin, Each has a pampering unit, a bed with a good mattress, Living room, fully equipped kitchen... Each huge pergola unit, seating areas, grass And a garden with a spice corner. The area with good restaurants and services, Guests have a variety of attractions, facing the mountains of Lebanon and the Galilee Hills: Area of sailing, scuba diving and fishing... * The Rainbow Cave. * Horseback Riding * ATV Tours * Rosh Hanikra cable Car-light performance Tunnels in the depths of the Rosh Hanikra cable car A trip from the grottoes to the Nahariya promenade for the whole family Painting and pottery gallery for adults and children * The beaches are open and vibrant. Clean and clear, with toilets, well-arranged with sheds... The Betzet is well-organized, for children and families – free entrance. Banana Beach Beach and seaside beaches Achziv.  Suitable for loving couples-clean and beautiful in Israel. A brochure with a map, all the tours and attractions in the area... A visit to Acre in the alleys of the old city, the market, the wall Promenade, the Templars ' Tunnel, the Knights ' halls, the Turkish buzzer market and of course the port. You can cancel within 24 hours free of charge from the day of booking. Welcome to us. We'd be happy to entertain... Fortune and Yossi Livnat. 0544-634423 04-9823364 The cabin is only for guests of the Zimmer. And no more visitors... No fire can be fired in the boarding area. And dogs are not allowed in the cabin.

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