Israel, North, Golan Heights


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  • צימרים רומנטיים

Honey in the Golan

  At the end of the moshav Ma'ale Gamla, with a separate entrance and privacy, the 4 wooden cabins are located with stunning views of the Sea of Galilee and Galilee, new indoor swimming pool, heated, background music, Jacuzzi and more... Active all year. Adjacent to the pool, however, has a large dining table and a recreational area. Type of Zimmer: Wooden Chalet Zimmer Structure: Gallery, separate bedroom Accessories Air conditioner, suitable for children, massage, pool, Jacuzzi, spa, cable/satellite, animal access New-indoor swimming pool, overlooking the Sea of Galilee, heated, with Jacuzzi, water Music, active all year round. Private hour option for couples. At the end of the moshav, Gamla is located in the 4 wooden cabins in the Golan Heights, which overlook the amazing views of the Sea of Galilee and Galilee. The entrance to separate cabins and guarantees privacy. The most invested environment that includes beautiful and well-groomed vegetation, a small stream flowing between the cabins, seating areas and a romantic and enchanting atmosphere. The cabins themselves are well-equipped for an enjoyable vacation and include: Double Jacuzzi, equipped kitchenette, satellite TV in the living room and bedroom, central air conditioner, stereo and DVD system. In the orchard of the fruit trees is a transparent hive in which the bees can be seen in action, and receive an explanation from Anat on the life of the bee.  The honey and natural wild flowers are right from the hive and the home cookies await you in the hut.

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