Israel, North, Galilee, Shezor


  • B&B's breakfast
  • B&B's cinema system
  • B&B's Jacuzzi
  • B&B's massage option
  • Couple Cabins
  • Family Cabins
  • Handicap Access
  • Wooden Cabins
  • צימרים רומנטיים

Flora’s Cabins

3 cabins, 2 wooden cabins for couples and families and another large stone housing unit. In the city of Shezor, between the Mediterranean and the Sea of Galilee! Type of Zimmer: Built-in cottage, wooden cabin Zimmer Structure: Separate bedroom, studio Accessories Air conditioner, suitable for children, massage, jacuzzi, breakfast, cable/satellite Operations Special deals for holiday booking in the middle of the week!Flora's Cabins The interlaced settlement is located between the Mediterranean and the Sea of Galilee, yes as it sounds, a good place in the middle! With the option of getting anywhere in a short stay. In the complex, 3 suites. 2 wooden cabins, one large studio for couples and the second family with a separate bedroom for children. In addition to the 2 cabins, a large stone-built vacation unit is spacious and fully equipped. There is a pre-booking option: A good Galilee breakfast Massages coming up to the Zimmer

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