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Ein Harod Holiday Experience

Country Lodging at Ein Harod is situated at the top of a leafy hill, immerses in green.

Lovely view, quiet rustic atmosphere, swimming pool, 6 doubles suites, 10 luxurious wooden houses with Jacuzzi and balcony, and 26 well-groomed Zimmer. Type of Zimmer: Built-in cottage, wooden cabin Zimmer Structure: Gallery, separate bedroom Accessories Air conditioner, suitable for children, massage, pool, Jacuzzi, adapted for disabled, spa, cable/satellite

Ein Harod between the Gilboa and Tavor

A rustic atmosphere at the foot of the Gilboa

Enjoy a unique, quiet, green and flourishing rustic atmosphere.

At the top of a hilltop hill, you'll expect 10 luxurious wooden houses with a hot tub and amazing views!

At the beginning of 2007, 6 new wooden suites were opened at the highest level you will find in Israel! The large and spacious new suites are only for couples, and have one open space with a giant jacuzzi next to the bed (overlooking the magnificent view of the Gilboa Mountains opposite).

To sit on the terrace, tranquil in front of the landscape of the valley that extends as a rug, or indulge in a hammock, or go up to the lookout-360 degrees, the whole north of the country at one glance.

You can book in advance, a range of health care and a romantic meal in the tree house!

At the same time: 26 well-groomed and fully equipped rooms, accessible for the handicapped, but conferences for seminars, executive meetings and workshops, an Olympic swimming pool (in season), 2 museums, lawn corners and a game, BBQ corners, you can see a milking in the cowshed or caress the Gards in Deir and more,

Discounts and recommendations for a variety of tours activities and restaurants in place and in the area!

We will be delighted to welcome you at all times and season


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