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East of Eden

  Between the Western Galilee and the Upper Galilee between the pecan trees there are 8 wooden cabins in a large and boring complex with a large pool and seating areas and more... Come and experience a fun vacation experience!! Type of Zimmer: Wooden Chalet Zimmer Structure: Gallery, separate bedroom, studio Accessories Air conditioning, children's pool, Jacuzzi, breakfast, spa, cable/satellite In the Shezor settlement Eight cabins that are just fun to stay with! 6 Family units and 2 double suites At the top of the Green Galilee in a perfect location, the Upper Galilee was located in the Western Galilee. At the forefront of Eden, there are eight wooden units to accommodate couples and families with children. The complex has a large pool, seating areas, flowers and trees, picnic tables, a lawn. The complex is located in the road of Tours, area attractions for every age and good restaurants. Double bed with orthopedic mattress Air-con in bed and breakfast Dinning A seating area Gallery Floor Fully equipped kitchen: coffee corner, electric kettle, fridge, microwave. Bathroom: Jacuzzi, towels, scented soaps, shampoo, bath lotion. Multimedia: TV, cable channels package. In the relationship units, the gallery and the Jeep are not next to the bed. The guest's best interests have an ice machine, a lemonade machine and Tammy 4. Building and Jacuzzi Spa

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