Israel, North, Shtula, Upper Galilee


  • B&B's breakfast
  • B&B's Jacuzzi
  • B&B's massage option
  • B&B's pool
  • B&B's private pool
  • Couple Cabins
  • Prestigious Cabins
  • Religious Cabins

Drop view

A luxurious and enchanting vacation unit awaits you for a perfect vacation in a drop-off area, a therapeutic and water-relaxation facility. And all these within the stunning scenery of the Western Galilee. Type of Zimmer: Built-in Zimmer Structure: Studio Accessories Air conditioner, massage option, pool, jacuzzi, breakfast, cable/satellite Operations A romantic and pampering vacation unit for couples with an indoor heated pool!! For details, call... A drop-off unit in the healing area is another drop! The unique complex features a heated indoor pool designed for treatments and a spa. A personal vacation unit awaits you, with a soft bed, a corner Jacuzzi, a well-equipped terrace and a view porch, to the enchanting landscape of the Galilee! The Unit and the pool – are only intended for you in full privacy! The complex is also adapted to the religious public. The village has a wide range of attractions and touring routes we'd like to recommend. We will be happy to be at your home at all times. Hadar and Dan-another drop.

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