Israel, North, Safed


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Corner in the horizon

You are invited to a corner in the horizon with 7 bedrooms and 2 guest cabins tailored to the religious public!! The complex has a pool area and a Jacuzzi spa with its own space and privacy. View from the complex come vacation and enjoy!! Type of Zimmer: Built-in Zimmer Structure: Separate bedroom, studio Accessories Air conditioner, children's choice, massage, pool, jacuzzi, breakfast, spa, cable/satellite Corner at the Horizon Villa and 2 units in the Enchanted Safed!! In the corner on the horizon you will experience her vacation you are waiting for... Pina in the horizon is a luxury hospitality complex inviting you to a unique vacation of peace and quiet, a vacation of landscapes, love and entertainment. Set in the city of Safed, the complex features a 7-room villa and two guest rooms surrounded by the green and pastoral landscape of the Upper Galilee. Site In the corner of a green courtyard in front of the open spaces of nature. In the courtyard you will find a built-in swimming pool surrounded by a private, large shaded spa Jacuzzi, a professional barbecue area (not on Shabbat), round coffee tables and shaded complexes where you can sit and enjoy the view. Around the Zimmer In the city of Safed you can explore the alleys, experience its charm and history, enjoy the markets, leisure and recreational venues. Around the city are nature reserves and attractions such as the Nahal Amud Nature Reserve, Bar'am Forest, the old synagogue, the Beit Hameiri house, the Tzalmon River, the tombs of the Tzaddikim, the houses of cloth, museums and more. The hospitality is suitable for large families and groups up to 50 persons. So start thinking about our vacation!!

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