Israel, North, Bustan HaGalil, Galilee, Western Galilee


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Between Galilee and Sea

  A spacious complex with 5 luxurious and well-equipped villas and a luxurious and luxurious suite. In the courtyard, a large currents pool, seating areas, bbq corners and ornamental fruit trees. Type of Zimmer: Built-in Zimmer Structure: Gallery, separate bedroom Accessories Air conditioner, children's choice, massage, pool, jacuzzi, breakfast, spa, cable/satellite Sea of Galilee-Bustan HaGalil The magnificent, beautiful complex awaits you in Moshav Bustan HaGalil the complex contains 4 luxury villas, a royal suite, a large courtyard and a pampering pool. Each of the 4 villas (suitable for couples and families) has two floors available to guests: On the first floor, a living room with rustic sofas, on one of its walls is a large LCD screen, satellite TV, an elaborate sound system and a quality home theater system. A romantic, intimate, bar-style dining area that overlooks the rural landscape. The bar has candle holders, incense, a fine bottle of wine, sweets, sweets and candies for your stay. The kitchen/"Regba/" beautiful, well-equipped and comfortable and equipped with every detail is available from an espresso machine, fridge, oven, microwave oven, micro, cooker and pots to wok and spices as well as the food utensils. You will also find additional services. On the second floor. A luxurious, pampering bedroom with a huge rectangular hot tub, a spacious double wooden bed, and a special-style lamps. Large LCD screen in front of the bed and Jacuzzi and another home theater system, Aaron, A seating couch and a large make-up table. Private bathroom with hydro-massage shower – shower jets. Next to it is another bedroom for children with a sofa and a beautiful slate. Both rooms have large windows facing the grassy pillow and the landscape of the fields.  And dark screens for the night-time extension. Each unit has a fast wireless internet. And connecting to YES with all channels. You can also enjoy 3 air-con each villa. Each villa has a private balcony, an indoor wooden dining area and a rocking hammock, the villas are separated from each other in a wooden area and all facing a wide meadow. The Suite- A very spacious royal suite, built and decorated with stone and wood. The suite is built of two rooms that are open to each other and create a large, spacious studio space. A pillar wrapped in a stone separates the room. The suite has a pampering living room, decorated in a rustic atmosphere, A well-equipped kitchen with fridge, toaster oven, micro, hob and food utensils and all necessary for cooking. A cozy double dining area that links the two suite spaces, in the second space – a luxurious pampering bedroom with a spacious double bed, large LCD screen, satellite TV, An elaborate audio system and a high quality home theater system. A huge rectangular Jacuzzi, and a bathroom with a whirlpool shower. From villas and suites you are invited to a leafy, well-groomed courtyard Colorful flower gardens, to earthenware, the aroma of herbs and a choice. Lime, sage, mint, medical geranium, za'atar, and fragrant oregano. Romantic night lighting. Wooden paths, orchard fruit trees, ornamental trees and tropical greenery. You're a drunk. Each villa has a private balcony. The terrace overlooks an expansive meadow with ornamental trees and shade, Israeli trees: Olive, pomegranate, Ella, Tamar and Carob. The moshav Bustan HaGalil is close to Old Acre, in the area of attractive restaurants, historical sites and of course the Mediterranean coast.

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