Israel, North, Galilee, Manot, Western Galilee


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Avivit’s Cabin

For a perfect country resort 2 amazing hot tubs in a room + TV 32 lcd, Wi-Fi. Candles, incense and more a rich home-made breakfast that will leave a taste of the only thing that will interfere with your silence and bird chirping. Type of Zimmer: Wooden Chalet Zimmer Structure: Separate bedroom Accessories Air conditioner, suitable for children, massage, Jacuzzi, cable/satellite, receiving animals Operations Operation for the southern residents of July only. 2 Free Kids first. (Presentation of a required ID) Indulge in peace and tranquillity, touch romance, escape the stress and just relax. The Observatory, in the heart of the Western Galilee, 10 minutes from an amazing beach. * * Large hot tub/"sparkling" and pampering, full of foam, candle-lit, pleasant incense and a glass of wine in hand (a bottle of Yin will be waiting for you in the hut on the house). * * Garden from a green lawn and a wooden bench in the shade of the fruit trees (ideal for "picnic/"), garden of spices, and of course barbecue for "the Fire" Hookah + All accessories (tobacco, fast charcoal) * * Cosy bedroom with large Jacuzzi and large mirror above + LCD TV ' 32 + Channel option for adults. Fully equipped kitchen which includes a hot drink kit (coffee, tea, milk), microwave, fridge + freezer, electric cooking, and all other equipment required to prepare full meals. Another room with a dining area, cable TV, home theater system, candles and incense and of course a two-seater bed if you want to indulge yourself in front of the TV. * In addition to both cabins Wi-Fi * * * Celebrating a birthday, a wedding day, or any other important event (or less important)? Inform us and we will decorate your hut with balloons, and you will be waiting in the hut for a double cake and a greeting card (by appointment)! (A great way to surprise your spouse). * * Massages can be ordered from any type directly to the cabin – another great way to surprise your partner or just indulge. * The cabins are very clean, and our guest is very good to us, as well as the wonderful silence, the privacy and the warm and in reality, and perhaps the most important, the place is even more beautiful than in pictures. So if you want to enjoy a quiet, relaxing vacation, disconnecting from the cross-country routine and filling out batteries, give us a telephone and we will be happy to host you.

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