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At Laurel and Yigal

On the outskirts of the beautiful pastoral moshav, the Galilean Bethlehem, perched in the oak forests that prealpine the Lower Galilee with the Jezreel Valley, is located in the private courtyard of Laurel and Yigal, a pleasant and relaxing hospitality hut. Type of Zimmer: Wooden Chalet Zimmer Structure: Separate bedroom Accessories Air conditioner, suitable for children, possibility of massage, DVD, breakfast, cable/satellite At Laurel and Yigal On the outskirts of the beautiful pastoral moshav, the Galilean Bethlehem, perched in the oak forests that prealpine the lower Galilee towards the Jezreel Valley, is in Laurel and Yigal's private courtyard, a pleasant and relaxing chalet. The cabin is intended for all those wishing to take time out to relax, find peace and fill the mental batteries... The cabin is built of wood and designed to create comfort and quiet with an emphasis on the details of the warm and comfortable atmosphere. The cabin is suitable for both couples and families. What will you find in the hut? A separate double bedroom with a large and comfortable wood-decorated double bed with a pampering orthopedic mattress With cotton linens, reading lamps, a wardrobe, a wooden dresser and a wall mirror. Bathroom with shower and toilet. A kitchenette equipped with a microwave refrigerator and a cooking plate, electric kettle, dish dishes and cutlery, cooking pots. Coffee and tea free, milk in the fridge. Dining area with table decorated with wood A sitting area with a sofa is open to a double bed. Large TV, DVD, video and music system. Wi-Fi internet. Central air conditioning, heating/cooling. A rich Galilee breakfast will be served in advance and for a separate fee. Outside the cabin: a large courtyard and a shady sitting area. Attractions in the moshav and area? Grocery stores and galleries in the village: The Jungle Inn, the Nila, the spice Farm. In the warmer summer months, free entry to the swimming pool of the village is a 3-minute walk away. Dairy cows Trail: Tour, training and tasting in the village. Suitable for children and adults. Horseback riding. Hiking trails around the foot: a spectacular blooming season in the Oak Forest Reserve, Zippori River, Spring Horses. Biking routes: In the community a business for repairing and renting bicycles for individuals and families, training, routes Riding. Restaurants and cafes a short drive time (up to 10 mins): Alonim Junction Mall, Ramat Yishai-Limousine, Segetae, the caldron of Venus-Beit She'arim and more. Tours throughout the region: Lower Galilee, Jezreel Valley, Shefa-'amr Nahalal, Tzippori, Zippori River, the horse fountain, The flour mill, Zipori, ancient Beit She'arim, Beit Zayd, Megido, Megiddo, Bidoas villages, Nahal HaShofet The Peace Valley. A possible tour guide. Training and counseling for visitors to choose the area's hiking trails, entertainment venues, restaurants, and attractions in the community and surroundings. They asked us on the phone.

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