Israel, South, Tlamim


  • Animal Friendly
  • B&B's breakfast
  • B&B's cinema system
  • B&B's Jacuzzi
  • B&B's massage option
  • B&B's pool
  • B&B's snooker
  • Couple Cabins
  • Family Cabins
  • Handicap Access

Amon Kee Te

Modern Indian-style complex. The complex has four large native-style tents with air-conditioning and background music instead of Internet access, a large pool Jacuzzi and a small pool for children and a fully equipped kitchen. Type of Zimmer: Other Zimmer Structure: Studio Accessories Air conditioner, suitable for children, massage, pool, wheelchair-free, breakfast, cable/satellite, animal-friendly Moon Ka te – unique Indian recreation! Unique vacation complex, family vacations, groups and parties. The complex is a 5-foot-large, five-metre Native American tent. Two of them are air conditioned. In the complex you'll enjoy the built-in swimming pool (heated in winter) in size 9/5, Jacuzzi, group spa, seating areas, desk, ping pong table, fully equipped garden kitchen, BBQ station, wireless internet, high quality system, and a well-kept green garden

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