Israel, North, Galilee, Mitzpe Hila, Western Galilee


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Alonei-Honey Cabins

In the evening observatory in the Western Galilee, in front of the citadel of Munport and Nahal Kziv... A large private swimming pool in the heart of an ancient oak forest... Type of Zimmer: Wooden Chalet Zimmer Structure: Studio Accessories Air conditioner, massage, pool, jacuzzi, breakfast, cable/satellite, animal access Operations Cabins in a natural thicket with a pool, for couples looking for cheap and high-class resorts! Honey-Aloney wooden cabins in the village of Mitzpe Hila-Galilean Three twin wooden cabins for couples only! In the heart of a natural thicket, in an ancient oak forest, a green and romantic compound was built for lovers of couples. The complex also has a large wooden swimming pool with lounge chairs and a parasol Each cabin has a private balcony, a tree fireplace for cold winter nights, TV and cable, an audio system, a kitchen equipped with cooking, a dining area and of course a large jeep that is immersed in the wooden floor and a window overlooking the forest. Around the cabins-a dreamy spice garden!!! New and new-all cabins have Wi-Fi internet access...!!! And right in our surroundings: Monport fortress, Nahal Kziv and Ein Tamir-for nature lovers and trips... A rustic breakfast for a couple-90 shekels only, served in the hut! And highly recommended! NEW: Wireless Internet connection in all cabins free of charge! We will be happy to answer any questions and host you a warm and loving hospitality!!! בקתות אלוני הדבש.

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