Israel, North, Galilee, Kfar Vradim, Western Galilee


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A good round in Kfar Vradim

A special round Zimmer in Moshav Kfar Vradim in the Galilee. Suitable for people who are looking for peace and a different place. 3 double sleeping pills and a fully equipped kitchen, suitable for people who think outside the box Type of Zimmer: Built-in bed and breakfast Zimmer Structure: Gallery, separate bedroom Accessories Air conditioner, get animals Operations You can indulge in a round house in the middle of the week. A good round-in Kfar Vradim A unique compound suitable for people who think outside the box 3 Double sleeping Pills A fully equipped kitchen Galilean scenery, You can sleep on sofas/mattresses. So the villa can accommodate up to 8 people. Not suitable for children under the age of 12. No bachelor parties. Suitable for the Sabbath guards. Quiet and private

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